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Cross-Country Shipping. Where to start?

Do you need to charge a car for a long distance? If so, there are some things you need to know to make the process hassle-free. Read on to learn some useful tips for charging a car across city or state boundaries in the USA.

Whether you're moving to work, lending a car to your loved ones, or moving away because of the opportunity to present themselves, you probably need to ship your car if you're on a plane to your destination. For this to be successfully done, you will need to follow a specific set of steps.

Hire a company specializing in long-distance country.

The first step to charging your car across the city or state limits is to find a reputable towing company to transport to you. Make sure you hire a licensed and insured trailer company that has decades of experience with all types of towing. The correct fleet of trucks and the latest technology in transport equipment, as well, must adhere to all the best industrial practices in the USA for long distances. This will give you confidence that your car or truck is being safely and professionally transported. This also means that you can expect timely delivery.

Prepare your vehicle for transportation.

The next step you want to take is to prepare your car for her trip. Start by cleaning the inside of the car and removing any personal belongings. Make sure that any car alarm systems are also deactivated. Once the interior design is finished, schedule your vehicle to schedule routine maintenance at the trusted car repair shop. They will check all fluid levels, adjust tire inflation, and check all braking systems (parking, emergency, etc.), battery charging, and more; overall, we will make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. In this way, you will know that he will be ready to drive as soon as he arrives at his new home. After servicing your vehicle, take it to the car wash to clean the exterior and clean it with wax. This is important for the next step. Note: Somebody will be required to remove the license plate, but make sure the screws are tight and sound.

Top car shipping tips
DO NOT go with the lowest price

It might sound crazy, but the auto transport industry is one of the shadiest in the logistics field. There are a lot of brokers out there that will offer low rates and unrealistic delivery or pickup timframes. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear. But after the contract is signed and credit card provided they disappear. The next time you'll hear from them is on the day of pickup - they will tell you that truck broke down and you'll have to pay $200-$500 more to get the job done. Oh, you want to cancel? - There is a cancellation fee of $200. Choose your options wisely, don't believe in a sweet lie and check reviews before accepting the bid. From our side, we did everything to eliminate such companies from our marketplace.

Prepare 7 days in advance

Usually, it takes not more than 2 days to find, check and assign the driver. But there more flexibility you have the better options you'll have. Most drivers make arrangements 4-5 days in advance to the first available pickup date. You can save up to 25%-30% simply by signing the contract in advance to your shipping date, 7 days will be just enough. Keep in mind that ALL companies charge extra for expedited shipping, and expedited mean exact day of pickup. Try to be as flexible as you can and don't wait until the last moment. 

Make sure insurance is active

Your car will be insured during the whole transportation process. Don't be fulled by some brokers, selling you extra insurance for extra money. Your vehicle will be insured by carrier's insurance up to $100K in open trailer and up to $250K in an enclosed car trailer. This insurance is a must for all licensed carriers and they can't operate without it. But... sometime insurance might be not active during the transportation time frame. Well, that's why you need a broker to double check insurance validity, but let me tell you the truth - some brokers do not bother. Once the driver is ready to get the job done the load will be given to them right away. You can avoid all the headache just by asking to send you the insurance to your email address. All carriers will provide this document. 

Get the copy of BOL

BOL is simply a Bill Of Lading - a contract between you and driver. Once the driver signs this document hs is responsible for your car safety. In case something happens BOL would be the first document insurance company will ask. Make sure driver signs the BOL on pickup and delivery. Make sure drivers indicates all the information about your car in the BOL prior to loading it onto the trailer. The driver has to give you the copy of this document on pickup and delivery. It would be wise to make as many photos on pickup and delivery as you can. Some drivers might rush you but take your time. 20 minutes might save you from a lot of problems on delivery location. 

Take photos & videos!

Make records for your own protection! To protect yourself and the transportation company from liability, be sure to take a lot of photos and even some video recordings to check the condition of your car before the trip. It can be utilized as a guide if there is scratching or percussion entering questions by either party. Take pictures of all small and large defects along the surface, including scratches, emulsions, paint flakes, dings, scratches, rust, etc. You must even type the numbers on your vehicle's odometer.

Note: You will not need to worry about documenting fluid leaks or internal damage because you have recently been professionally serviced.

When you have finished recording the records, contact your car insurance company to discuss the limits of your policy. You need to know if your car is covered during transportation and after arriving at the new location. Detect important information for your driver When the towing company arrives to get your car, be sure to disclose all the necessary information they need to safely transport the vehicle. This includes informing them of any mechanical problems or defects, regardless of the extent of the minor. It is especially important to tell them if your car is experiencing problems in parking or emergency brakes. If your vehicle is in a critical condition, or very fragile, you can even provide the driver with written instructions to deal with the vehicle.

Recent Cross-Country Shippings
2009 Nissan Armada
Ames, IA
Aptos, CA
2013 Honda Civic
Columbus, OH
Fremont, CA
2010 Ford Fusion
Little Elm, TX
Philadelphia, PA
2015 BMW 320
New Orleans, LA
San Marcos, TX
Choose enclosed trailer to ship luxury cars

Make sure that your vehicle is fully equipped for vehicle transport and freight with a full check of the car with noticeable defects, no more than 100 pounds in the box, a full set of keys and be able to handle the extra charge if the car is not operable.

Enclosed transport must be requested for more safety that comes with a closed environment to prove the weather away from all elements. This type of tanker is more expensive and we strongly recommend this type of transport for classic and exotic vehicles. There are great companies that offer to transport services in the USA. They have the means to get the best vehicle transport services possible at the best prices possible.

Whether you need a car shipped in a country or across the country, these companies in the USA will make it possible. From small sedans and family vehicles to large SUVs and pickup trucks there is no limit to what they can move. Trust them to find the most efficient form of vehicle transport at the lowest price possible in the USA. If you are looking to ship your car but are not sure how to do it, you have arrived at the right place. Car Transport services in the states allow you to discover every opportunity available to your specific position. They know how hard it is to push your car to the destination you want. That is why they will go even further to make this process as quick and easy as possible.



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