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Heavy Equipment Transport in the USA

Do you want to transport any heavy equipment in the USA? You need to understand that the process takes time and it occurs in various steps; hence your patience is critical. It is unlike the transportation of other goods because heavy machines are required. You have to select one whose size is convenient; depending on the products you want to move. You will also need to access several trailers that can cater for your hauling needs. Ensure that your products are transported under the best conditions possible so that they remain undamaged. In the United States, heavy equipment transport starts with the shipping process.

How much will it cost?

In the USA, there are countless business persons as well as companies that have the need to ship heavy equipment. They could be in various industries that include mining, construction, and forestry. The safe delivery of the materials comes at a cost. The shipping services that one company offers may be different from those that another firm offers. Therefore, their charges will be different. The type and nature of cargo that you are shipping will also affect the fee that you have to pay. As you make your payments, ensure that you are aware of the services that you are paying for. You should always put the safety of your heavy cargo first. You might have to scrutinize every single detail that will be involved and get an assurance that you will be compensated should anything bad happen to your equipment.

How To Get Started (4 Steps)
Get quotes

As aforementioned, heavy equipment shipping is a process that requires time and patience. Here are the steps that you will have to go through when preparing for the delivery of your weighty materials. Once you have decided on the most convenient shipping method to use, you can start looking at heavy equipment transport quotes. What you choose will be determined by the amount of money that you can afford. You can also consider the services that you are hiring. For how long has that company been in the shipping industry? This enables you to evaluate their experience; which might affect how good they are at their job. It is recommendable that you select a firm that has vast experience. You might want to consider their reputation. How do they treat their clients? Are they honest and reliable? You should also ensure that they are professional and have a great work ethic. To get this information, you can do background checks, read online reviews and consult the company’s previous clients. How much will it cost you to have your heavy equipment delivered safely? Consider your heavy equipment transport quotes from different companies and decide on the one that is most convenient. Ensure that the price you pay is fair. If a heavy equipment company comes with rates that are exorbitantly high, you should stay away from them; unless their services are great. An organization that comes with extremely low charges may be providing substandard services; that does not guarantee your shipment’s safety. 

Choose Company

You also need to select a company that is going to ship your heavy equipment. This can be a little tricky because there are many firms in the USA that offer shipping services. Take your time to consider the following factors before settling for any of them. Make sure that the company you choose to ship your heavy equipment is insured and licensed. There is not a 100% guarantee that the shipping will be successful. If anything happens to the brokers and carriers, you are assured that they will not hold you responsible. They should also have cargo insurance so that you will receive reimbursement in case your materials get damaged or lost during the shipping process. Another thing that you have to put into consideration is the services that you require. What type of heavy equipment are you shipping? This enables you to choose an organization that is right for the job. Various heavy equipment firms deal with transporting different materials. Also, the quality of the hauling and shipping services provided are not always the same. You should make sure that you get your money’s worth; so that you do not feel cheated. 

Prepare for pickup

Once you settle on a company that is going to ship your heavy equipment, you ought to prepare for pickup. This entails ensuring that the tools required to load your items are available. Take all the safety measures to prevent any damage. You should also make sure that you sign all the necessary documents before the shipping of your heavy equipment starts. This ensures that there will be no complications after the successful delivery of your materials. Some of these papers include invoices and insurance documents. Oversized shipping is allowed in the United States. Usually, heavy equipment is considered oversize if comes with a weight of 150lbs or less and more than 130 inches of girth and length. The shipping charges of such equipment are based on its own dimensional and actual rounded weight.

Confirm Delivery

When your heavy equipment has been successfully shipped, you should receive them at the delivery point. It is advisable that you keep time to avoid any inconveniences. You should have all the documents required to prove that the materials you are receiving are yours.

Heavy equipment transport in the USA is a complex process that requires professionals to oversee it. Several steps are involved to see to it that the materials are properly handled, and successfully delivered to you. With the right heavy equipment shipping company, no harm will come to your products. Ensure that they are licensed and insured for the safety of your items. Research them so that you can know their experience and confirm whether or not they are reputable. Before the shipping process starts, ensure that you agree with them on the charges and the company’s policies.

The shipping process

This is one of the most crucial steps of transporting heavy equipment in the USA. It can be a bit difficult when improperly handled. It requires personnel who have adequate experience in hauling. The experts also need to pay extra attention to detail to avoid making minor mistakes that can cost you a lot. You ought to ensure that the company you hire to ship your heavy materials can avail the required tools and equipment. This process is dependent on the products that are being transported. They will determine the time that is taken and the transport technology that is most convenient to use. You should also consider several factors if you want the shipping process to go smoothly.


If you are shipping heavy equipment in the USA for the first time, you need to familiarize yourself with the price that you are likely to pay. It might be hard to know which fee is fair and that which is unreasonable. Therefore, you can seek the advice of people who have previously shipped heavy materials. You can also compare different shipping companies and the rates that they charge. This allows you to prepare yourself financially.


You should also think about the distance to be covered when shipping your heavy equipment in the USA. It affects the shipping method and the costs that you have will incur. Usually, international shipping is more complicated than local shipping. Your destination determines the best shipping method that you should choose.

Heavy Equipment Shipping Methods.

The machines that you can use are determined by the heavy equipment that you are shipping. Always choose that which is convenient and safe. These methods that you may use will vary.

Flatbed trailer

You can use flatbed trailers to ship your heavy equipment in the United States. They are pretty versatile in the transportation industry. They come in many different sizes. They can be used to ship a variety of things, but they are most convenient for large and wide loads. The items may require unloading from either the rear or above. Mostly, these trailers can carry cargo that is as heavy as 48,000 pounds. They are usually suitable for materials like large beams, electrical transformers, concrete items, and large machinery. They are also not covered. Hence, your equipment will be exposed. If it is prone to damage by the elements, you might want to consider using other heavy equipment shipping methods.

StepDeck Trailer

Heavy equipment shipping can also be done using StepDeck trailers. They can carry extremely large and heavy cargo. They are close to the ground thus loading and unloading forklifts are safe and easy. Their design makes transportation of items effortless. It also makes it possible for you to place your cargo lower down without any height restrictions. Some of these trailers can carry a weight of up to 62,000 pounds. They are suitable for carrying heavy construction equipment.

RGN Trailer

Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers are designed for shipping heavy equipment that is also tall and long. The detachable front makes loading and unloading easy. This is because a machine like an excavator or a tractor can be driven onto the RGN trailer. Once you have loaded your equipment, you can comfortably reattach the gooseneck. If your equipment weighs 150,000 pounds or less, you can choose them to ship your cargo.

Lowboy trailers

Lowboy trailers can be used to ship equipment that is not only tall but also heavy. They are built to ship equipment with a height of up to 12 feet. They are less expensive than removable gooseneck trailers. These trailers can carry as much weight as 40,000 pounds. When shipping heavy equipment, you need to look for reliable brokers and carriers.

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Brokers or carriers?

Heavy equipment shipping requires both brokers and carriers. A broker helps a carrier to fill the trailers with your materials and arrange them properly. Most of them earn commissions for the work they do. They also help shippers to find motor carriers that are safe and reliable. Some companies allow brokers to coordinate the entire shipping process. Carriers can either be private or for hire. Private ones are firms that provide transportation for their own heavy equipment. Those available for hire provide transport services for materials that belong to other people or companies at a fee. How do you make sure that your carrier or broker is the best one? Here are traits that you should look out for.


This is one of the things that brokers and carriers should have in order to provide quality shipping services. You should be able to rely on them to transport your cargo safely. They should also be responsible; hence they can carry their duties well. They should have a great work ethic and communicate with you effectively. Again, a carrier or broker should put your interests first and ensure that your needs are fully met.


You should ensure that your carrier or broker is adequately skilled. What can they do? This ensures that you get what you paid for. You can consider looking at their experience. To know this, you can ask them for their curriculum vitae before working with them.

Respect and honor

Carriers and brokers should also be respectful and honorable. With a good attitude, you will be able to transact smoothly. This ensures that your heavy equipment reaches their destination safe and in time. They should honor their commitments and not cancel plans when it is convenient for them without considering your needs. Heavy equipment shipping will cost you money. You should be prepared to pay it as soon as you can. You can negotiate with the shipper you intend to hire so that you can agree on a fair price.

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