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Classic Car Transportation Process

If you have a classic a car that has accidentally encountered flood or harsh weather-related damages, that resulted into a massive repair for your vehicle or if you wanted to move your classic car to a safe ground that’s higher to evade such damages, you might have found yourself in need of classic car transporters for your vehicle. The main hassle with classic car transporters is how to choose the best and the right classic car transporter that’s a competent carrier. The carrier must be trustworthy as often you’re sending your classic car with a stranger.

How Competent Classic Car Transporters?

The most relevant and the best car transporters are the ones that offer enclosed trailers as a carrier for your classic car. Enclosed trailers are considered the safest when shipping your classic vehicle. The trailers are enclosed to ensure that your car is not exposed to any elements from outside such as road debris, weather, and bugs but instead it’s kept in enclosed walls of a trailer. We use soft traps on the wheels of your car as a way of ensuring maximum safety for your classic car. We neither use the chassis or axles to secure your vehicle. We put in mind that most of the classic cars that need shipment have low-ground clearance and many of our trailers are specifically designed to provide room for low-ground clearance vehicles. Enclosed trailers are the best fit for car-owners with sentimental cars or expensive cars. If you also have a car that has got an excellently kept old paint job or a vehicle with loose parts, you automatically need to order for classic car transporters with enclosed trailers services. Don't forget to check auto transport reviews first! 

Classic Car Transport Tips
Open or Enclosed Trailer?

Assuming you are transporting a classic and expensive car it might be a wise decision to choose an enclosed trailer. Your vehicle will be insured up to $250K during the whole transportation process and safe from all road and weather factors. Enclosed trailers cost are usually up to 30%-40% more than open, but trust me - simply by eliminating road debris you'll save much more. Most of the drivers with an enclosed trailer are super easy and great to work with. They are used to work with high-end vehicles and transport a lot of expensive cars on a daily basis. You can expect expedited delivery and GPS tracking when shipping in an enclosed trailer. 

Photos & Videos

Make as many photos and videos on pickup and delivery locations. All drivers make notes in the BOL (Bill of Lading), but it would be better to take photos of all dents and scratches before the vehicle is on the trailer. In case something happens the insurance company will ask for the pictures before and after the accident. 

Get The Copy Of BOL

To put it simply Bill of Lading is a contract between you and the driver. Make sure drivers indicates all information about your vehicle and gives you the copy on both pickup and delivery location. The driver has to make all dents, scratches, mileage and keys in the BOL. Here is a list of paperwork you should have in hands on pickup location: shipping contract with your broker, driver's insurance, drivers license in PDF format, driver's ID (copy), signed BOL (copy), phone number to reach drivers and his dispatcher. 

Get The Insurance Copy

When the driver is assigned to the order broker company have to send you the following information: driver's name and last name, carrier name and their license, carrier's insurance. It's brokers job to make sure that insurance is valid, but it would be great if you could get a copy of insurance in case something goes wrong. 

Car Shipping Steps

Here is a step by step and easy to follow the guide of loading a car onto a trailer, in case you'd like to ship it on your own trailer. 

Step 1: Park the trailer and the towing vehicle on flat ground, adjacent to one another.

Step 2: Ensure to turn off the engine, engage the parking brake after putting the vehicle in the parking.

Step 3: Be sure to attach the trailer properly to the towing vehicle by checking that the trailer is resting on its hitch. Also, the safety chains must be crossed left-right to avoid them from dragging on the ground. Then confirm whether the electrical wiring of the trailer is plugged in well to meet the legal requirements.

Step 4: Set the ramp ready. Put the ramp in the right angle and check whether it can withstand the weight of the vehicle.

Step 5: Set ready the car to tower. Drive the classic car into the trailer. Align the vehicle to allow it to go straight without further adjustments.

Step 6: Attach the two hooks on the vehicle to the winch.

Step 7: Ensure the car is moved as forward as it can go. The weight of the car should be well spread so that the weight does not go towards the rear of the trailer to avoid some swaying during transportation.

Step 8: Put the parking brake on after putting your car in park.

Step 9: Tie the car and confirm any loose section.

Step 10: close the ramp and raise it. You’re set and ready to go! So, we have covered all the scenarios involved in enclosed trailers loading process by competent classic car transporters.

Recent Classic Car Shipments
1966 Ford Thunderbird
Fort Lauderdale, FL
El Paso, IL
1972 Triumph Spitfire
Dighton, MA
Argyle, TX
1987 Alfa-romeo Spider
Stockton, CA
Prescott, AZ
1977 Mercedes-Benz 450SL
Curtis, WA
Kingman, AZ
Who Transport Classic Cars?

Is It Hard to Transport Classic Cars?

Transporting a classic car is not difficult if you’re dealing with a classic transporter who’s aware of the importance of your vehicle. The transportation company needs to be flawless concerning its reputation for on-time delivery and quality services. For us, the sense of attention and quality of the client’s vehicle is our top priority. We communicate adequately with car owners and work diligently to ensure each shipment is a success and meets the client’s expectations.

The Main Clients for Classic Car Transporters

The Classic Car Buyer

Purchasing a classic car often involves a lot of processes. Most potential customers know what they want from the market. The clients target a specific company or go in hunt of a certain genre of cars like hot roads, muscle cars or roadsters. Some buyers are only interested in vehicles that can cover a certain mileage or possess specific reasons that suit desired specifications.


If you want to get any vehicle that’s rare to see and also exotic the place to check is at the auction house. Renown auction houses deal in the top of the line cars, and they are sold in different parts across the nation. The auctions are the best places to get classic cars on sale.

Auto Shows

Many people who have classic cars enjoying nothing lie taking their vehicles to famous shows. The aim to visits these shows is to floss and display their joy to other people in the show as they answer several questions that are rich in information. The shows also provide a good hub for them to meet their fellow classic car owners, providing an excellent platform for discussing their vehicles socialize and pick up tips.

It’s always tricky to transport classic cars to the shows based on time and schedules. Similar to any section of a logistic industry, during transportation you can easily encounter delay because of bad weather, traffic or even engine breakdown. Most often the delay is never consequential. To stop such delays, your ca opts to schedule all the auto show cars on small trailers to prevent unnecessary delays caused by other vehicles. Preferably you can schedule for the auto show cars to arrive a day earlier. There’s no crime in that as it also acts as an alternative precaution.

In most cases, a dedicated truck service is requested to solely help our client’s cars depending on the number of days scheduled for the program. The dedicated truck only becomes an option if a vehicle must arrive and is required to leave the event at specified times then this method of transportation becomes the ideal option.


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Classic Car Shipping Reviews

They are fantastic to work with. Our car was picked up a full day before it was scheduled, and arrived a day early, too. Very smooth. Thanks for taking care of us.

I had a great experience . Everything went well with Montway . The car arrived on time and the prices were much cheaper than other companies I contacted . They also rated an A with the BBB .

This was the third time I used them, their email and phone notifications makes status updates hassle free. Price is reasonable for my enclosed transport.

Great communication during this process. I was made to feel very comfortable and confident in the transport of my truck. I would highly recommend them and will use them again myself. Great group of people!

Great communication and good prices. got from Ca to NC in a few weeks

These guys were fast, polite and professional. This was my first experience shipping a car, and it went fantastic. Would definitely use them again. Thanks!