A cross country cruise is the least of problems any motorist can have. Driving is the most preferred mode of transportation in Texas.

If you decide to ship your car from one city to another, it'll be better to use an auto transport company.

Every motorist cares about an extra mileage on his car, so call us and we will handle everything.

Car Shipping in Texas

Car transportation is a trend that has become common.

Texas Companies have very professional and qualified personnel. Most of the companies are in business for 5-10 years and more.

But we advise you not to underestimate new companies.

If it’s your first time shipping a vehicle, the Car Shipping Cost article will be useful.

Remove tags, plates, and antennas from the car, and make sure that your fuel tank is below the quarter mark. It’s better not to leave your belongings inside the vehicle.

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Choosing a car transport in Texas

Before you settle on your final choice of auto transport company, check a couple of things.

Talk to each company’s representative and enquire about their services and possible discounts.

While some companies do door to door transportation with no extra charges, other companies offer the same service for an extra cost.

Pro Tip

There are extra charges for items inside the vehicle. Some companies allow you to put 100 lbs of your personal items for free but some of them don't allow to put at all. Drivers pass weight stations and might get a fine for overweight.

You will also boost your confidence in an auto transport company when you check online reviews.

These reviews will help you gauge a company’s services and the clients’ best and worst experiences.

Check the average shipping cost before you use any company.

Why Texas car transportation?

As part of their security measures, they ensure that:

  • Their carriers are inspecting the vehicle’s potential damages that might occur
  • They also check the other vehicles on transit for losing parts or leaks that might pose a danger to the other cars
  • They plan their routes to make it possible for your car to reach the destination fast and safely
  • They call the clients after the drop-off to find out how was the delivery with an option of compensation in the case of damage

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Transportation to and from Texas

According to the 2019’s statistics, there are 400,000 moving in Texas only.

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Shipping services are the best mode of traffic if you’re planning to move from one state to another.

Driving long distances can be daunting; whether you’re an experienced motorist or not, you are bound to get fatigued by the endless miles. They are draining, tiring, time-consuming, and require time planning and this is where the car transportation services come in.

Road Shipping Sunset Travel Vehicles

Don’t lessen the lifespan of your vehicle by driving it. Texas auto transport companies can ship your vehicle all over the U.S.

Once all the agreements have been reached, their driver will be present at the pickup location on the agreed date and deliver your vehicle to the destination.

Pro Tip

Usually, carrier covers 400 mi per day. Based on this information you can easily calculate how many days your car will be in transit.

Settling on a car transportation company can be hard, especially if it is your first time in Texas.

Getting confused and stuck is easy if you are not sure of what services you are looking for and whether the services will fit in your budget.

Here are a few theses that every motorist should keep in mind before engaging a truck company in the state:

  • Search for a company with rates that best suit your budget. Some companies might give you a discount during the phone conversation. Feel free to ask questions and negotiate, if possible.
  • Ask for an open carrier. They are not only common; they are easy to book as well.
  • Your location will significantly influence the cost of transportation. If your city or state is a common route for carriers, the prices will be cheaper.
  • If you want to transport the luxury car, either ask the driver to put it between other vehicles in an open carrier or book an enclosed truck to reduce the chances for damage.

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Pro Tip

If you want to transport the luxury car, either ask the driver to put it between other vehicles in an open carrier or book an enclosed truck to reduce the chances for damage.

Estimated prices to ship a car from or to Texas

From TX to the West Coast:

  • Sedan – $550
  • SUV – $625
  • Pickup – $700

From TX to the North Coast:

  • Sedan – $450
  • SUV – $500
  • Pickup – $550

From TX to the East Coast:

  • Sedan – $550
  • SUV – $700
  • Pickup – $850

Estimated prices to ship a car From Texas Infographic

From the West Coast to TX:

  • Sedan – $800
  • SUV – $900
  • Pickup – $1000

From the North Coast to TX:

  • Sedan – $650
  • SUV – $725
  • Pickup – $800

From the East Coast to TX:

  • Sedan – $700
  • SUV – $800
  • Pickup – $925

Estimated prices to ship a car to Texas infographic

Pro Tip

The price from El Paso, TX, or to El Paso, TX will be higher cause it's far from the regular driver's route. Also, it's located at the Mexican border.

Auto Transport companies in Texas

Dallas Auto Transport

The company has a team of professionals, licensed and insured carriers, competitive prices. To lessen your worry about the car shipment, they will provide 24/7 customer service.

Dallas Auto Transport can offer overseas and military transportation if needed. They have both terminal – to- terminal and door- to – door options. Feel free to contact them at any hour of the day.

Enclosed Trailer Shipment Luxury Car GetCarrier

Dallas Auto Shipping

This company is honest and has exceptional customer service. The large part of their business is referrals and repeat customers. Dallas Auto Shipping does door-to-door transportation without extra charges.

There are no charges upfront. Dallas Auto Shipping has insured and bonded carriers. Their staff is available 24 hours a day so that you will always know where your vehicle is.

Open Car Hauler SUV Shipment Day

Austin Car Transport

This company has 12 years’ experience in the transportation industry. Austin Car Transport has a huge knowledge of how to do a car shipping less stressful.

They can ship not only cars but also other types of vehicles. Their dedicated team of experts will answer all your questions about each type of service.

Open Car Hauler For 9 Cars Sedans Car Shipping

Fort Worth Auto Transport

They can ship all kinds of vehicles nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. They shipped over 100,000 nationwide.

Fort Worth Auto Transport has military shipping and the most popular kind of shipment for them is exotic car shipment. They have a lot of enclosed trailers and they are ready to provide the service anywhere.

Competitive prices and decade experience are the main reasons to ship with them.

Enclosed Car Shipment

International Auto Transport Companies

But there are not only Texas companies that can transport vehicles from or to Texas. Across country shipment is very popular nowadays. People moving for a job or for permanent living. Here are a couple of examples:


Yes, it’s our company. We’re located in Dover, DE but we can transport your vehicle to any state of the US, even to Alaska and Hawaii.

If you need to ship the luxury car we will provide an enclosed trailer. If you have a motorcycle or a boat, it’s not a problem for us either.

GetCarrier has insured and bonded carriers, fair prices, and best customer service. If you’re looking to ship a vehicle asap, we will find a driver for you within an hour.

We have a lot of happy customers.

Car Shipment with GetCarrier in an Open Car Hauler for 9 vehicles

Bargain Auto Transport

This company promises to deliver your vehicle without any hidden fees, you can tell them how much you want to spend on the particular shipment and they will do everything to help you.

The final price will depend only on you. Bargain Auto Transport is accredited by BBB and FMCSA.

An inoperable vehicle is also not a problem for these guys.

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The Check-List

  1. First thing you should do if you want to ship your vehicle to or from Texas is to find a proper company.
  2. Check companie’s reviews.
  3. Call or go through the website to receive a quote for shipping.
  4. Make an order.
  5. Receive the carrier’s information.
  6. Expect the call from the driver before the pickup.
  7. Sign the Bill of Lading at the pickup location.
  8. Expect the call from the driver before the delivery.
  9. Sign the Bill of Lading at the delivery.
  10. Enjoy your ride.

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Why should you chose an auto transport company instead of driving?

Driving a long distance is every driver’s worst nightmare. From the fear of driving a few extra miles by car, which can reduce the vehicle’s lifespan to fatigue from the long road.

But it’s not a problem. Auto transport companies will help you to ship your vehicle from one state to another without any troubles.

All carriers are insured and bonded, so don’t lose your chance for a stress-free shipment.

Let's get a quote! :)