Everybody knows about car shipping. More than 1000 vehicles are shipping every day.

But what do we know about the motorcycle shipping?

In which trailer to transport?

Which company to use?

Can all companies transport motorcycles or only special?

We're here to tell you all about motorcycle shipping and companies that you can use to meet your needs.

How to Choose the Company and Trailer

Have you ever thought about buying a motorcycle?
motorcycle black on the road shipping

Perhaps you have it, but when you moved to another state, you did not take it with you.

Kawasaki-Electric-Motorcycle-First-Look-EV-sportbike drive

Perhaps your iron horse is gathering dust somewhere in the garage and you don’t even think about taking it with you on vacation.

old motorcycles in garage

Any reason is suitable for transporting a motorcycle.

Your motorcycle can be transported from anywhere in the United States and delivered wherever you need.

If you still do not know how to do this, then we are here to help you with this.

bike-transportation-services-enclosed trailer

First, you need to decide on the company that will transport your motorcycle.

This may be a company that deals only with motorcycles or any other auto transport company.

How to choose the right company for you?

  1. First, you need to make an approximate list of 5-10 companies that interested you.
  2. Then check their reviews.
  3. As soon as you find at least a few companies suitable for you according to reviews – ask for a quote for transportation.
  4. You can do this by phone or fill out a form on the website.
  5. As soon as you get a quote, make sure that it includes all taxes and insurance.
  6. Make sure that this price includes the charge for the type of transportation you choose (door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal).
  7. Check that there are no hidden fees.
  8. If all steps meet your expectations, you can choose this company and start the shipping process.

how_to_choose_the_motorcycle_shipping_company_getcarrier infographics

How can you ship your motorcycle?

  1. You can use open motorcycle transport.

Some examples include using open trailers, flatbeds, hitch mounts, or simply loading the bike onto a truck bed using ramps and lifts.

Dual_Trailer_with_Sport_Bikes shipping

A double bike motorcycle trailer.

Motorcycle hitch mount shipping bike motorcycle

Motorcycle hitch mount.

RV 5th wheel motorcycle hitch.

RV 5th wheel motorcycle hitch.

2. Or enclosed motorcycle transport.

Enclosed motorcycle trailer

Enclosed motorcycle trailer.

Motorcycle shipping container with wooden braces.

The motorcycle shipping container with wooden braces.

Pro Tip

The enclosed trailer allows you to protect the motorcycle from adverse weather conditions or debris on the road.

How to Prepare Motorcycle for Shipping

1. Wash your motorcycle.

The more dirt that’s present, even dirt on the wheels can get kicked up during transit and scratch your motorcycle. Clean all heavy dirt and make sure there are no soil deposits on the tires. By thoroughly washing your motorcycle, you are able to get a good look at its condition before travel.

2. Inspect the motorcycle on any pre-existing damages.

Make photos and vehicles before the motorcycle shipping. This will help you to make a record of its condition.

3. Check the bike’s fluids, battery, and tire pressure.

Your steering should be unlocked and the bike should roll freely, so inflate your tires if they are low.

4. Anything that’s loose should be removed.

This includes accessories on the bike. Loose and attached items can be lost or can create scratches during transit.

5. Remove alarms.

If there is an alarm system, it must be disconnected prior to dropping off or the alarm remote must be provided.

6. You should only have up to ¼ tank of gas during shipping

This allows you to drive the bike from wherever it arrives at to someplace where you can get gas but avoids fuller tanks from leaking, building up fumes, or creating other problems.

To check more about the motorcycle shipping follow the links.

How_to_prepare_motorcycle_for_shipping infographic GetCarrier

Top 5 Companies to Transport a Motorcycle

If you’re searching for the best transportation companies, consider a little help from our side.

These are some of the best transportation companies in 2020 (in no specific order).

#1 eShip

This company provides open and enclosed motorcycle transport.

They’re available 7 days a week.

Every client has their own personal shipping agent.

Pros and Cons of Auto Transpor Companies

Pros :

  • No upfront deposit required.
  • Only fully insured & bonded drivers.
  • Door-to-door service.
  • Open 7 days a week.


  • The website is not maintained properly.

#2 Haul Bikes

Haul Bikes is not a start-up or fly-by-night operation.

They’re a veteran motorcycle shipping company trusted by dealers and manufacturers, such as Harley-Davidson.

Pros and Cons of Auto Transpor Companies

Pros :

  • Trailers are enclosed to protect the motorcycle from the elements. All motorcycles are individually secured by a special strapping system designed for motorcycles
  • Every shipment includes $15,000 of insurance with a $500 deductible
  • They only hire Motorcycle Riders who drive trucks


  • They ship only motorcycles.

#3 Montway

Top-rated company will offer you enclosed trailers to protect your motorcycle while it’s on the road.

Comparable prices and best customer service.

Pros and Cons of Auto Transpor Companies

Pros :

  • Enclosed Trailers
  • Multiple motorcycles discounts
  • No size limit of the motorcycle
  • Discounts for military and students


  • Prices are higher than other motorcycle transport companies

#4 GetCarrier

GetCarrier is a reliable vehicle transporter, not a furniture-moving company, so your motorcycles are in good hands.

They have enclosed trailers that will protect your bikes from any flying debris, dust, or other environmental factors.

Pros and Cons of Auto Transpor Companies

Pros :

  • Any vehicle shipping
  • Fast and easy service
  • Marketplace
  • Best cost guarantee
  • Tons of positive reviews


  • Not always 24/7 supporting

#5 uShip

uShip is an online marketplace for your transport services that makes the process simple.

It works smoothly, and all you have to do is post the thing you need to move.

uShip then competing bids for the moves and provides you with the companies you may be interested in.

Pros and Cons of Auto Transpor Companies

Pros :

  • Option for you to list your shipment for bidding
  • Ship internationally
  • Name your own price
  • Additional moving services


  • List for enclosed carriers not offered.

Please visit our article about the best auto transport companies.

It will be very useful for future shipments.

Should you Use a Broker?

Brokers offer some real advantages — you can often find better rates through one search than by individually grabbing quotes everywhere. However, there are some disadvantages too. You won’t be dealing directly with the carrier, which may or may not complicate any claims or questions for you down the road. Using a broker doesn’t ensure that the carrier specializes in motorcycle delivery either.

Pros of Motorcycle-Transport Companies

You will reach a point in your life when the best option is to book a motorcycle transport service.
Motorcycle parked on street

When you hire a motorcycle transporter, you get more than what you paid for.

Here are just some of the advantages when you use a motorcycle transport service.

  1. It saves you precious time

Time is the most important resource. It doesn’t have an equivalent amount of money.

With the help of a motorcycle transporter, you delegate the tasks of moving your motorcycle so that you can do other things.

You can do a lot more instead of driving your bike.

  1. You prioritize the safety of your motorcycle

Motorcycle transport companies provide professional motorcycle shipping solutions.

They have in-depth knowledge of all types of bikes.

They also have the right equipment to handle the loading and unloading of motorcycles.

You let a professional transport your vehicle to a different location.

  1. You save money

Hiring a motorcycle transporter is actually a lot cheaper than driving your bike on your own.

If you self-drive, you spend money on gas, meals, and accommodation.

When you get a motorcycle shipping service, you only spend a one-time payment.

  1. An environment-friendly option

All types of vehicles emit carbon which builds up in the air and causes pollution.

When you book a motorcycle shipping service, you lessen the vehicles on the roads which lessen fuel consumption and carbon emission.

It’s because a motorcycle carrier can transport multiple bikes in a single journey.

Pros of Motorcycle-Transport Companies Infographic GetCarrier

It’s not cheap to ship a motorcycle, but you have to understand that you’re also not putting any miles (or very few) on it when it’s shipped.

As you can see, shipping a bike isn’t such a complicated thing to do if you entrust the process to a specialized company. Best of all, it doesn’t matter whether you bought a bike online or you’re moving across the country.

motorcycle vehicle silver garage shipping

Average Cost to Ship a Motorcycle

Motorcycle shipping costs depend on several factors, including the distance of travel and shipping method.

The average cost to transport a motorcycle in the U.S. a distance of 1,000 miles is $400–$600.

The average cost to transport a motorcycle internationally can range from $650–$2,000.

Average Cost to Ship a Motorcycle Infographic GetCarrier

To check the estimated car shipping costs please visit our article.

So what does the price depends on?

1. Distance

The shipping cost always depends on the distance.

Motorcycle transport companies usually charge a base price per mile, which is combined with other factors to determine a total bill.

Although the price per mile is often lower for long-distance routes still you will pay a higher total cost.

Delivery Time Estimate Guide

100-500 miles takes 1 or 2 days; 500-1000 miles takes 2 or 3 days; 1000-1500 miles takes 3 or 4 days; 1500-2000 miles takes 4 or 5 days; 2000-2500 miles takes 5 or 6 days; 2500-3000 miles takes 6 or 7 days

2. Motorcycle size

Weight is one of the most important factors for some motorcycle transport companies.

Lightweight motorcycles typically weigh between 230 and 330 lbs.

Heavier models, like Harley Davidsons, typically weigh around 500 pounds.

A typical insurance rate is around $0.50 per pound.

In addition to being harder to manage, large bikes also require oversized crates, tie-downs, and special packing accommodations to ensure that the motorbike arrives safely in its new location.

3. Location

Besides distance, the cross country auto transport route itself determines the price.

A motorcycle shipping company will charge a higher price for a route that it does not regularly use.

4. Season to move

The time of year affects the cost to move a car across the country.

Winter is the season the routes are not long in case of weather.

It makes it difficult for drivers.

5. Scheduling

In case you need an urgent pickup or you have only one day for your vehicle pick up or deliver – be prepared to pay an extra $150-$200 for expedited shipping.

You should try to be as flexible as you possibly can when it comes to shipping, in this case, a transport company will be able to offer more options and pick the driver that matches the quoted price.

6. Pickup and delivery locations

The cheapest place to pick up or drop off a motorcycle is usually in an urban area.

Remote locations are more expensive, especially for door-to-door service.

Even if the bike is driven by the owner to a nearby urban area and dropped off at a terminal, the cost to drive the motorbike to the terminal adds expense to the overall journey.

7. Other factors

And there are some factors that could affect the motorcycle shipping price too:

  • The time frames
  • Current fuel prices
  • The number of motorcycles

what does the price depends on infographic getcarrier

The Check-List | How to Ship a Motorcycle in 2020

  1. Choose a motorcycle transport company.
  2. Request a quote.
  3. Compare the prices.
  4. Make an order for transportation and sign the paperwork.
  5. Receive the carrier’s information.
  6. Expect the call from the driver before the pickup.
  7. Inspect the motorcycle and sign the Bill of Lading at the pickup location.
  8. Expect the call from the driver before the delivery.
  9. Inspect the motorcycle and sign the Bill of Lading at the delivery location.
  10. Expect the call from the driver before the delivery.

The_Check-list how to prepare motorcycle for shipping infographic getcarrier


One of the ways you can identify the best company is by searching for online reviews to see what other customers are saying.

You should be able to choose your preferred company from the top-rated ones.

By comparing the rates among different companies, you will definitely know the one that you can opt for to give you the best services.

Driving a motorcycle across the country can be torturous and even dangerous.

If you want to know how to ship the car across the country visit our blog

Let the professionals do the job for you.

Fill the quote and we will transport your bike cheaper than other companies!