What is Enclosed Car Transport?

After purchasing a car, it is evident that you will require shipping services, whether within or across the states, or even from outside the United States.

A newly bought car causes significant enthusiasm, and hence, shipping is essential for quick delivery.

However, it can be a really nerve-wracking experience since you have to make a tough decision influenced by various aspects such as affordability, availability, and the level of protection among several others.

While there are reliable companies offering transport services, you have a choice between open and enclosed car carrier, both of which have their pertinence.

But enclosed auto transport is the most fancied method for most people seeking to transport luxurious cars, or those interested in enhanced care for their cars.

Enclosed Auto Transport Benefits

Enclosed vehicle transport entails shipment of vehicles using an enclosed trailer.

Auto Transport: Enclosed Car Carrier

This method has several benefits that make it surpass other options, including using open carriers.

Auto Transport: Open Car Carrier

                                                               (open truck)

First of all, it is a secure means of vehicle transport since it minimizes exposure.

Reports have shown that cars amounting to over $4 billion are stolen in the United States.

reason to choose enclosed auto transport

Yeah, pretty much…

Most of them get lost during shipment, and even though insurance covers for such losses, the cost might be unbearable.

Burglars tend to target vehicles they are fully aware of transportation, where identification is tough for enclosed vehicle transport.

Besides, transportation may coincide with a bad weather day such as scorch sunshine and excessive rainfall, or even hail.

Auto Transport: Auto After Hail

                                                                         (the source: https://mumby.com/protecting-your-vehicle-from-hail/)

Enclosed trailers protect your new car from these harsh environmental conditions, eventually delivering your vehicle in its intact state.

Covering vehicles while transporting them also helps protect them from road hazards such as meddling by bystanders.

Enclosed vehicle transportation is also eligible for a higher insurance rate.

Generally, the overall benefit of using an enclosed carrier is to safeguard your vehicle as it is being shipped.

Types of Enclosed Vehicle Carriers

Here are the most common kinds of enclosed carriers, which the service provider gets to decide on which works best for them.

They are categorized based on their size, which affects the carriage capacity.

1. Single vehicle enclosed carrier.

This kind of trailer is used for transportation of a single vehicle, mostly sporty and luxurious cars.

luxury enclosed single auto transport

It is suitable for transport over short distances or in cases where a delivery is needed in a short while.

The interiors of single-car carriers have paddles on the sides to offer enhanced protection.

2. Multi-car enclosed carrier.

Multi-car carriers provide for transport of several vehicles usually up to seven cars.

multi car enclosed car transport

(the source: https://www.wewilltransportit.com/enclosed-car-shipping/)

They are suitable for the shipment of either luxurious or regular vehicles, which can be stacked in a single-level or multi-level form for maximized space.

Features of Enclosed Auto Transport

Below is a list of additional enclosed transport features.

  • Includes advanced elements such as conveying ramps, climatic control haulage, and electronic track flooring.
  • Enhanced vehicle protection through the inclusion of side paddles, straps, and floor mats.
  • Lift gates enabled by hydraulics to ensure horizontal vehicle loading.
  • Drop floors that provide for increased space, therefore, more cars.
  • Fluid-tight decks that prevent leakage on vehicles inside.

GetCarrier: the reason why you need enclosed car transport infographic

Enclosed Car Transport Disadvantages

There are a bunch but I will cover the main:

  1. Enclosed car shipping does not suit every situation.
  2. Particular locations limits.
  3. Budget is a significant factor that leads to snubbing away from using enclosed carriers.

Typically, enclosed transport is relatively more expensive than other methods, and therefore if you have no provisions for high-cost incurrence, then you should not go for enclosed carriers.

On the other hand, if the weather conditions seem favorable at the moment of transportation, then you might consider not using the enclosed auto transport.

Sometimes delivery from enclosed carriers is limited to particular locations which might lead to inconveniences.

Besides, enclosed carriers are more appropriate for luxurious cars, and hence if that’s not your case, then incurring the extra cost might be unnecessary.

Cost of Enclosed Auto Transport

Several factors revolve around the associated cost of enclosed car shipping, thereby causing a significant variation.

But since this transportation method has several benefits, you expect to pay a higher price than other options (open auto transport).Enclosed Auto Transport: car shipping cost cheaper

That is why here the price is higher despite lower mileage.

The price will probably be higher by around 75% or sometimes double the price of the alternate option.

Enclosed Auto Transport: luxury car transport single

Below are the factors affecting the enclosed car transport cost and the entire shipping process.

1. Shipping service providertransport services from different providers will obviously have varying prices. You should get quotes from various providers and compare their prices to make an apt decision.

2. Distance – the longer the transportation distance, the higher the price, and vice versa. Besides determining the price, distance affects the kind of a carrier to use, i.e., whether single-level or multi-level.

3. Type of the vehicle – a vehicle’s model determines its weight and size, thereby defining the ease of transportation. A heavy vehicle will require a sturdy trailer which will ultimately cost you higher than it would be with a lighter vehicle.

4. Destination’s topography – in remote locations, the landscape might be challenging for carrier trailers to maneuver. Therefore, if you need a car delivered to you in such areas, you might have to incur a little more cost than it would have been in an urban setup.

GetCarrier: enclosed auto transport cost

Specific Contributory Factors to High Enclosed Transport Cost

We have mentioned that the price associated with enclosed auto transport is relatively high. Besides the general cost affecting factors, there are specific ones that lead to the increase.

1. Basically, enclosed carriers are used for shipment under harsh weather conditions. This offers an added advantage while risking for stoppage due to unpassable roads, therefore, leading to a higher price.

2. Enclosed trailers’ owners are typically in the business intending to generate a profit. Correspondingly, they have to charge higher since they bought these trailers at a higher price than open carriers.

3. Enclosed trailers deliver high-end luxurious vehicles, which means that their delivery process is more efficient and timely to meet the needs of highly expectant clients. Enhanced quality of service delivery leads to an increased cost.

4. Since there are fewer enclosed trailers than open ones, their demand is relatively high. When demand is high, price tends to be high as well.

5. Unlike open auto shipping where carriers accommodate for the transport of many cars, an enclosed carrier has a limited carriage space. It means that for the respective company to make a substantial profit, they have to charge higher for fewer vehicles.

How to Choose the Best-Enclosed Auto Transport Company?

Selecting a company for shipment can be a troubling task.

bad reviews car shipping 2 enclosed

There are several enclosed car transport companies in the United States, and hence you have to make a considerate decision that involves evaluation of essential aspects.

A prudent selection ensures quality service delivery, which satisfies you as the buyer.

Also, there are a Lead Generators and pay attention to determine them.

The Best Car Shipping Company

So, what are the elements that define a good, reliable company?

Here is a highlight of some of these essential aspects.

  • Valid license – the first thing you need to verify from shippers before hiring them is whether they own a valid transport license. Every company involved in car shipping activities is required to have acquired an authorization license from the Federal Motor Safety Administration body. You should ask for the registration number provided to the company after registration.
  • Availability of adequate equipment – some necessary gears such as hydraulic lifts and tracking devices define the eligibility and reliability of a company. With the availability of such equipment, you are guaranteed of your vehicle’s safety as well as proper handling during loading and offloading.
  • Exact delivery dates – if a company pledges to have delivered your car by a particular date, then you need to be assured of heed to the promise. You can establish the authenticity of the company by getting reviews from their former or existing clients. Such information is usually available on their specific websites, and if they have concealed the reviews, then that should be a red flag.
  • Insurance coverage – even though you expect to pay higher insurance for enclosed car transport, a legitimate company should have a room for its inclusion. Therefore, before hiring a company, you should verify detail about insurance coverage.
  • Efficient communication – whilst the delivery is in progress, you need to communicate with the company as well as the trailer driver to inquire about the headway. A good company should have proper means of communication provided between you and the driver.

GetCarrier: how to choose a reliable broker company

Enclosed Auto Transport FAQ

Final Thoughts

If you are in the United States and have decided to purchase a vehicle, you are never limited to options of sellers around your area.

You might decide to purchase one from sellers afar from your location.

That way, you will require shipping services for delivery right to your place of residence.

For such a scenario, you need to seek services from one of the top rated companies in the country.

For safety purposes, enclosed carriers offer the best transport option.

While there are associated drawbacks such as higher prices, the security of your vehicle is highly important.

You should not hence trouble yourself about transport services and options since most companies will provide enclosed transport, not unless critical conditions dictate otherwise.

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