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Transit Time

Car Shipping Across Country

We offer car shipping between California and Hawaii Terminals (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Hilo, Nawiliwili, Kahului, Lanai, Molokai).

Mainland Terminals

Los Angeles
Oceans International
850 W. Artesia Blvd., Compton, CA, 90220
Free Days: 7
Notes: Automobiles only. Motorcycles cannot be accepted at our LA location.

San Diego
Road One
4334 Sheridan Lane, San Diego, CA, 92120
Free Days: 7
Notes: Automobiles and motorcycles. This is the only location in California that can accept motorcycles.

Northern California
Sea-Logix, LLC
1425 Maritime St., Oakland, CA, 94607
Free Days: 7
Notes: Automobiles only. Motorcycles cannot be accepted at our Oakland location.

Hawaii Car Shipping Infographic Mainland Terminals

Hawaii Terminals

Honolulu Off-Dock
938 Kohou Street, Honolulu, HI, 96817
Free Days: 4
Notes: Automobiles only. Motorcycles cannot be accepted at this location.

Honolulu Harbor
Piers 1-2, Fort Armstrong,
Forrest Avenue, Honolulu, HI, 96814
Free Days: 4
Notes: In-op Automobiles drop-off (after inspection at Aloha Auto/Manheim) or pickup only.

Montgomery PowerSports
550 N. Nimitz Hwy., Unit 2, Honolulu, HI, 96817
for lunch from 12-1pm. Closed for drop-offs and pickups Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Free Days: 4
Notes: Motorcycle drop-off and pickup only.

McCabe, Hamilton & Renny Co.
Pier 1 – 130 Ala Luina, Kahului HI, 96732
Appointment required; Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 3:30pm
Free Days: 2

Big Island Motors
76 Keaa Street, Hilo HI, 96720
Free Days: 2

Car Shipping Infographic Hawaii Terminals

All transit times are estimates, and actual time in transit will vary depending on conditions such as truck availability, weather, etc.

Transit time from Mainland to Hawaii

(the source: https://www.pashahawaii.com/tracking/vehicle-tracking)

Honolulu served weekly – 5 transit days. Kahului and Hilo served bi-weekly – approximately 6-7 days.

Shipping to or from Lanai, Molokai, Nawiliwili – 2-5 weeks from drop off at one of the west locations to or from the ports listed above.

Transit time between mainland ports and ports of Hawaii

If you’re on the east coast for example we will transport your vehicle to one of the ports on the west coast. It will long up the process a bit. The driver usually covers 400 mi per day. However, ocean transit will stay the same.

The transit time depends on weather conditions, distance, and other clients. This means the driver has his schedule and if some client can’t release the vehicle for him on time, it will stretch the time of pickup or delivery your vehicle.

Once the vehicle is picked up, you can estimate that it will take roughly 1 day of transit time for every 500 miles distance.

Delivery Time Estimate Guide

⦁ 100-500 miles takes 1 or 2 days
⦁ 500-1000 miles takes 2 or 3 days
⦁ 1000-1500 miles takes 3 or 4 days
⦁ 1500-2000 miles takes 4 or 5 days
⦁ 2000-2500 miles takes 5 or 6 days
⦁ 2500-3000 miles takes 6 or 7 days

Depending on the distance, weather conditions, and population centers it could be a few days or weeks until a vehicle reaches its destination. The carriers usually estimate about 10 days on coast to coast trips, but they frequently arrive earlier.

Delivery Time Estimate Guide


The costs to ship a car to/from Hawaii will range depending on your vehicle’s size and pickup/delivery port.

Whether you’re shipping the vehicle to Hawaii or from Hawaii to the mainland, the payment must be done by either PayPal or 100% on a credit card.

Payment Terms during Car Shipping to/from Hawaii

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How to Prepare your Vehicle

General Requirements:

a. vehicle condition – it should be in safe operating condition, the car should run and drive, free of leaking fluids, and washed for inspection in the port;

b. vehicle service – all vehicles should be serviced prior to shipping to ensure mechanical and safety problems are corrected;

c. fuel – we require a minimum of 1/8 tank and a maximum of 1/4 tank of fuel, vehicles with propane tanks or if powered by an alternative fuel (propane, electric, etc.) must receive special handling;

d. batteries – we are not responsible for replacing dead batteries, most of them will be charged during transit; depends on the age, condition of the battery, the make of the car, the battery may lose its charge during shipment;

e. after-market alarm systems – must be disconnected prior to the vehicle being shipped, if it’s not, we are not responsible for mechanical or electronic issues as a result of non-compliance.

Infographics: How to prepare your vehicle for shipping to/from Hawaii

Personal Items – all personal items should be removed from the car before shipment. Items that are permanently installed, mounted to the vehicle (for example spare tire and jack, infant car seat, spoilers, or factory install roof racks), or are an integral part of the vehicle are acceptable.

Examples of items perminantly installed in the vehicle

Items that are removable and not mounted or bolted to the vehicle cannot be shipped with the vehicle, such as:

  • tools;
  • fire extinguishers;
  • ski or bike racks;
  • radar detectors;
  • portable radios and stereos;
  • CD and tape players;
  • remote controls;
  • spare keys;
  • cartons;
  • car covers;
  • tailgate nets;
  • steering wheel locks;
  • tapes and CDs amplifiers, equalizers, unmounted speakers.

Infographic: Items that are removable from the vehicle

Recommended Cleaning Procedures:

⦁ empty all compartments (truck, glove compartment, center console, door pockets, etc.);

⦁ vacuum interior (including seats and all compartments);

⦁ wash exterior;

⦁ inspect the entire vehicle (to ensure it is free of any dirt, mud, seeds, or other unauthorized material.

How to prepare your vehicle for shipment infographic. Cleaning Procedures.

Note: USDA inspection requirements prohibit us from accepting crated motorcycles in Hawaii for delivery to the Mainland.

Vehicle Inspection

We will inspect your car and prepare a condition report when you bring your vehicle to the port facility.

Any existing damage will be noted and verified by you or your designated person.

You will be asked to inspect your vehicle at the destination port to ensure your vehicle is delivered to you in the same condition.

We reserve the right to reject the receipt of the vehicle if the cargo does not meet the requirements listed above.

How your car will be shipped

Drop off your vehicle at the port

This is what you’ll need to bring on the day you drop off your vehicle at the port:

⦁ your order confirmation and vessel booking number;

⦁ a set of keys and if your vehicle has an alarm, the remote to unlock it and turn it on and off;

⦁ the vehicle title or lien holder authorization letter (power of attorney) if your vehicle is financed or leased;

⦁ the current registration;

⦁ a government-issued picture ID;

⦁ proof of the power of attorney from the owner allowing the vehicle to be shipped.

This is what you'll need to bring on the day you drop off your vehicle at the port infographic

During the car shipping from Hawaii to the mainland and the owner of the vehicle is not present at the delivery, the drop-off party must show proof of power of attorney from the owner allowing the vehicle to be shipped.

During the car shipping from Hawaii to the mainland that is still being paid off, the drop-off party must have proof of power of attorney from the lien holder allowing the vehicle to be shipped.

When you do car shipping to the Mainland, you have a couple of options:

We offer a Port-to-Door service. You will bring your vehicle to the port, and we will deliver your vehicle to your location on the mainland.

Or, you can pick up your car at the port, depending on where you live, you may have the option to pick up the vehicle from one of our mainland ports.

When you do car shipping from the Mainland, you also have a couple of ways:

We can pick up your vehicle from your exact pickup location and bring it to the port from where it will be shipped to the port of Hawaii and there you will pick up the vehicle.

Or you can bring the vehicle to the port by yourself depending on where you live, you can use one of our mainland ports.

Your vehicle will be stowed in an all-enclosed deck that is not exposed to ocean water or spray during the entire voyage to the ports of call. The documents are required for non-highway vehicles, such as golf carts, quads, dirt bikes, etc.

The following documents are required:

⦁ a copy of booking confirmation;

⦁ set of keys to ignition and every locked compartment;

⦁ title or a bill of sale or a document validation proof of ownership;

⦁ lienholder letter of authorization (from Hawaii to the U.S.);

⦁ picture ID.

The documents are required for non-highway vehicles, such as golf carts, quads, dirt bikes, etc. Infographic

We will drive your vehicle on and off the ship. Your vehicle will be secured to the deck utilizing lashing devices that have been specifically designed and tested for this specific application.

The Check-List for Car Shipping

The Check-List (car shipping to/from Hawaii) Infographic


Insurance cargo combined single limit per accident is $1,000,000.

Cargo Logistics Trucks Terminal Car Shipping


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